Q: Do we do Victaulic grooves?
A: Yes, we do cut grooves from ½’ diameter all the way up to 120”

Q: Do we do automotive machining?
A: Yes, we do all sorts of automotive machining.

Q: Can we Thread shafts?
A: Yes, we thread shaft from 1/8” diameter up to 60”

Q: Can we thread API threads?
A: Yes, we can do from 2 3/8 Reg/IF/Full Hole all the way up to the largest API standard threads.

Q: Can we do large production runs of machined parts?
A: Yes, we have the capability to do CNC production runs from five parts up to fifty million parts.

Q: Do we work with any another other material other than steel?
A: Yes, at Allied we can work with wood, plastic, and rubber.